Brad Pitt private dinner auction for non-profit closes a few hours after its announcement

Brad Pitt, dinner auction

Brad Pitt is known for using his celebrity to champion a lot of causes. For many years, charity organizations that collaborate with celebrities usually offer prizes in auctions that include having a private dinner with said celebrity. This past Tuesday, the organization known as Charitybuzz partnered with the nonprofit Global Green to offer a private dinner with Brad Pitt at one of the world’s biggest private mansions, which is located in the Beverly Hills area.

The bad news is that, just a few hours after the auction was posted, Charitybuzz closed it for unknown reasons, according to The Hollywood Reporter. One could assume that there perhaps had been high traffic on the site once the contest had been announced. But there has been no official word on why the dinner is now being recalled.

The nonprofit Global Green has had ties with Pitt for several years as the actor had done a lot of work with the organization in New Orleans. The planned event was supposed to be a private dinner where “the winning bidder would have had the opportunity to attend the event, schmooze with Pitt during dedicated ‘one-on-one time,’ take a photo with him, ask some questions, and hear about this new partnership.” Although, some stipulations prohibited the dinner from being taken advantage of by opportunists who would want to use this time to network, go into business proposals, or share a script with the star. It was a meet-and-greet experience with food, including alcoholic beverages, in an estimated three-hour event.

The auction with Pitt was part of a Global Green event to raise money for a new initiative the company is launching with the star. Although the auction for this particular item is now closed, the event itself will still continue.

“Global Green integrates shared interests of people, places and planet through things like in-school programming, EcoParks, sustainable business development and other partnership-driven activities. Pitt isn’t the only boldfaced name who supports Global Green as an advocate: Robert Redford, Leonardo DiCaprio, Edward Norton, Kevin Bacon, Jessica Alba, Orlando Bloom, Julie Bowen, Alison Brie, Jeff Bridges, Pierce Brosnan, Glenn Close, Larry David and Penélope Cruz are among those who have also championed the org.”

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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