Captain America 2 begins shooting by the end of this year

DumDumDuganIn a recent interview with IMDB Television Blog about his role on Season 3 of JUSTIFIED, Neal McDonough (the bowler-hat-bearing Dum Dum Dugan in CAPTAIN AMERICA) revealed a few details about his place in Marvel’s greater post-AVENGERS plan.

Q: I understand you’re going to reprise your CAPTAIN AMERICA role.
McDonough: Yeah, they’re planning (to go into production for) for the end of this year, because Marvel does one film at a time. So they’re going to do THOR 2 and as soon as THOR has wrapped, they’ll do CAP 2. Hopefully right after that, we’ll jump into NICK FURY because that’s the one I’m looking forward to more than anything.
Q: Why is that?
McDonough: Because it’ll be me and Sam Jackson. In the real Marvel universe, Dum Dum Dugan is Nick Fury’s right hand man…And I just pray that they have a 1970s setting, because I want to see Sam Jackson with lambchops kicking people’s asses for Marvel universe. It would just be awesome. And to work with Sam would be a treat. We’ve become friendly over the years.
Q: It sounds like you were a fan of the comic beforehand.
Absolutely. I’m very well aware of the Marvel universe, and to be part of it is such a blessing. To go back to London and shoot there for four months, that was just a great year.


So there it is folks! Cap will begin filming another avenging adventure with some old friends by the end of 2012.  To be fair, plans can change an awful lot in the space of a year, but still… to have a bit of hope is always nice.  And speaking of NICK FURY, a quick jaunt over to its IMDB page reveals this to be the planned plot: “A daring amateur boxer from Hells Kitchen is recruited by the Army for some top-secret assignments. He soon is promoted to captain, where he puts together the First Attack Squad, a group of elite soldiers who carry out elite missions.” 

Source: IMDB Television Blog, IMDB

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