Carnosaur (1993) Revisited – Horror Movie Review

The Asylum is known for being the major mockbuster company these days, but one of the most notable mockbusters of all time is the 1993 film Carnosaur (get it HERE), a dinosaur-themed horror movie that was produced by Roger Corman and released by his company New Horizon one month ahead of the blockbuster it was looking to cash in on, Jurassic Park. While Jurassic Park remains one of the most popular movies ever made, we think Carnosaur – which Roger Ebert called the worst movie of 1993 – still deserves some love. That’s why it’s the focus of the latest episode in our video series The Black Sheep. You can watch this episode in the embed above!

Written and directed by Adam Simon, Carnosaur was very loosely based on a novel by John Brosnan (a.k.a. Harry Adam Knight). Here’s the synopsis:

When nefarious geneticist Dr. Jane Tiptree plots to wipe out all humans and replace them with flesh-eating dinosaurs, it’s up to security guard Doc Smith to stop her. As Jane plans to release her dangerous prehistoric creations, one of them accidentally kills a number of environmental activists as well as Doc’s friend Ann Thrush. Dodging deadly dinosaurs left and right, Doc must somehow prevent Jane’s plans from coming to fruition.

The film stars Raphael Sbarge, Jennifer Runyon, and Diane Ladd (the mother of Jurassic Park star Laura Dern).

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The Carnosaur episode of The Black Sheep was Written, Edited, and Narrated by Lance Vlcek, Produced by Lance Vlcek and John Fallon, and Executive Produced by Berge Garabedian.

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