Case closed! Mike Tyson Mysteries canceled after 4 seasons at Adult Swim

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Mike Tyson Mysteries has solved its last case. It has been announced that Adult Swim has canceled the adult animated series after four seasons. This comes just days after the network also canceled The Venture Bros. after its seven-season run.

Following the style of cartoons from the '70s-era, Mike Tyson Mysteries centered around retired boxer Mike Tyson while he attempted to solve mysteries. Tyson was joined by a team of mystery solvers that included Norm Macdonald as Tyson's best friend Pigeon, Jim Rash as the Ghost of the Marquess of Queensbury, and Rachel Ramras as Tyson's adopted daughter Yung Hee.

Apparently the decision to end the show was made at the beginning of the year. Staff writer Larry Dorf confirmed the show's cancelation on the Modern Moron podcast and had this to say about the cancellation:

"Well, I was a writer for Mike Tyson Mysteries. Mike Tyson Mysteries is not a show anymore. It's been canceled… It was very fun. It was a funny show, but it's all done."

Mike Tyson Mysteries ended its fourth season back in February and with this cancellation along with The Venture Bros., it makes me wonder if Adult Swim is trying to do some rebranding at the network. The Venture Bros. was very popular and the Mike Tyson Mysteries also garnered a cult following so it's a little strange that both shows bit the dust and without much of a proper farewell or finale to send them off properly.

Are YOU sad to see the Mike Tyson Mysteries go?

Source: The Modern Moron Podcast

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