Check out Metalocalypse producer’s Kickstarter campaign for a documentary on Tim Burton’s unfilmed Superman Lives!

Later this year, we will potentially/arguably see the most kick ass incarnation of Superman ever to grace the big screen with MAN OF STEEL. But, the prospects were not always that great…

Following the often successful venue of Kickstarter, Metalocalypse director Jon Schnepp has started a campaign to fund a documentary on Tim Burton‘s failed project, SUPERMAN LIVES, which was to star Nicholas Cage.  Many of us have often speculated on what could’ve been with Burton’s oddball style on a superhero property like Superman, especially after seeing all the batshit crazy designs and concepts he had lined up for the film, which including a rainbow robot Super Suit, Polar Bear’s guarding the Fortress of Solitude, a giant spider (which was later “transferred” to Will Smith‘s WILD WILD WEST), and Brainiac Skull ships.  Not to mention Nicolas Cage as Clark Kent/Superman (who was rumored not to have the power of flight in the film).

Just thinking about the possibilities of how SUPERMAN LIVES would’ve turned out is like an awesome nightmare of epic, cult-status proportions.  There’s no doubt it would’ve been a blasphemous, unforgivable, ridiculous, and absolute joyful affair had it ever graced our eyeballs.  Schnepp’s proposal to not only dive into what went wrong with the film, but also to recreate scenes from actual script has got me burning with desire to see him get this documentary made.  I need to see the sheer madness that went into the very idea of handing Tim Burton and Nicolas Cage the Superman property.

Check out Schnepp’s Kickstarter video:

If you feel as I do, head over to Schnepp’s Kickstarter page, have a look, and if so inclined, make a contribution.  It’s worth noting that the Kickstarter campaign for David Fincher and Blur Studios adaptation of Eric Powell‘s comic book, THE GOON, was a success and that film is now on its way to being made thanks to contributors.  Super cool.  Let’s make this one happen, too!

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