Check out our tribute to all the biggest Oscar Snubs of 2019

As we head into the Oscars telecast, at which point overpaid millionaires will take the stage (or not) to receive a trophy from their peers for doing their job, we'll hem and haw over who should win, who shouldn't, who got screwed over and who got snubbed. While the average moviegoer has no say in who wins or loses, we can always look back and offer up some alternatives to who most deserved this overhyped praise, as well as those outright ignored by their community when it seemed so very obvious they should've been included (no Eddie Murphy for DOLEMITE IS MY NAME? Really, Hollywood? Dang). With that, here's our 2019 Biggest Oscar Snubs video for your enjoyment and lamentation. Feel free, of course, to express who YOU think got snubbed in the comments below.


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