Comic Con: Kevin Smith and the TUSK Panel in Hall H

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

As we continue our coverage of the 2014 SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON INTERNATIONAL, we come to what may be one of my all-time favorite panels ever which was Kevin Smith’s introduction to his latest film TUSK which continues his current trend of horror pictures. Of course being Kevin, he was killing us with some stories such as his recent visit to Pinewood Studios in London for STAR WARS: EPISODE 7. One additional part to that story which he hadn’t told us about yet was that night when he met back up with his wife and she persuaded him to have sex by only wearing a hockey jersey and nothing else. Kevin however like all nerds said he had to get his STAR WARS thoughts out on paper from his set visit. This led to a hilarious sex story where his wife Jennifer tried to encourage him by yelling “USE THE FORCE F#CKER!!”. As you can imagine, the entire audience pissed themselves laughing as nobody tells a story better than Kevin.

After that he had a general Q&A from the audience which led to some great moments including a sweet 9 year old girl who asked Kevin if he’d be making movies for kids her age in the future. This became one of the funniest moments of the panel as Kevin had to try and shut off the typical Smith dialogue which meant no cursing or sex jokes. He tried but ultimately failed which led to some big laughs but also some cool details on his next two horror films which are named YOGA-HOSERS (a spin-off of TUSK) and MOOSE JAWS(JAWS with a moose basically).

And now we come to the topic of the panel which was his “Walrus movie” called TUSK with Justin Long, Genesis Rodriguez, Haley Joel Osment and Michael Parks. Before some of the cast came out, he premiered the official trailer which can be seen below as it also debuted online. The reaction to the trailer was magnificent and it looks like Kevin’s craziest film yet but in a very good way. Michael Parks looks to knock it out of the park yet again as a crazy old man who wants nothing more than to transform Justin Long’s character into a Walrus. Filled with scary visuals and great dialogue, I’m super excited to see where this one goes.

Following the trailer premiere, both Genesis Rodriguez and Haley Joel Osment came out to a roaring crowd and proceeded to take a couple questions as the panel was quickly wrapping up. Justin Long unfortunately couldn’t attend as he’s currently working on a stage play on the East coast. Haley said he would do the film on the condition that there would be no “dead people” in the movie which got a big laugh. Genesis was very excited to be there and obviously was enthusiastic about the entire experience. Overall it was a terrific panel and one big highlight of this year’s convention.


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