Cool Videos: Radiohead remakes The Wicker Man with stop-motion animation

Last Updated on August 2, 2021


A couple of days ago, Radiohead went ghost on the internet. Everything Radiohead from Radiohead was gone with zero presence on the world wide web whatsoever, leading fans all around the world to wonder what exactly what was to come next. Would a secret album randomly drop out of nowhere, Beyonce style? Would it be something grander than that? What did Radiohead have planned for the general public?

Today we found out as the band released a music video for the newly released song “Burn The Witch,” and, if you take a look and recognize the concept as a stop-motion remake of THE WICKER MAN, then give yourself a good star… That’s exactly what it is. 

If you’ve never seen THE WICKER MAN, you might want to get on that first, so you know what the big deal is… but, if THE WICKER MAN has been in your wheel house for awhile, then go ahead and enjoy. You’ll pick up exactly what the video is putting down.


Source: Radiohead

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