Cool Videos: The Mortal Kombat short film that must be turned into a movie

UPDATE – Jeri Ryan (who appears in this video as Sonya Blade) confirmed on Twitter that this is NOT a game trailer but instead made by director Kevin Tancharoen (FAME) to “sell WB on his vision for a reimagined MK film.”


I’ve seen a number of homemade or semi-professional video game films attempting to convince us that a feature would be a good idea, but absolutely none of them come anywhere close to Mortal Kombat Rebirth, a mysterious, unsourced YouTube video with insane production values and a few recognizable faces in it.

Rumor had it this was a teaser for a new game in the series, but we hear it’s actually being shopped around Hollywood to be turned into its very own film. We learned recently that Warners has been looking to reboot MK, and after watching this video, it’s clear this would be a PERFECT way to do it.

The settting appears to be grounded in some sort of remotely plausible reality (there’s no magic to be found), and it’s an incredibly brutal and black interpretation of the series and its characters, as it most definitely should be.

Trust me, I think you’ll be pretty damn impressed by this. Check it out below.


Update: Our boys at LatinoReview have all the answers!

The short was directed by Kevin Tancharoen, who did the remake of Fame last year. Judging from this short, Kevin is the perfect director for this movie.

Jacks is played by Michael Jai White. Michael played Spawn and was in Undisputed II. Michael makes a great Jacks (Jax).

Sonya Blade is played by Jeri Ryan, who played Seven of Nine in Star Trek: Voyager.

Baraka was played by the very talented Lateef Crowder, who plays the Brazilian fighter in Undisputed III.

Scorpion is played by Ian Anthony Dale. Ian plays Kazuya in the upcoming big screen version of Tekken.

Johnny Cage was played by up and coming martial arts sensation Matt Mullins. Still working on who played Reptile. Will update when I find out.

The fight choreography was done by Larnell Stovall. Larnell did the fight choreography for Undisputed III and is one of the best fight choreographers in the business. You want to see the fights you deserve? Then you fans should DEMAND he be the guy in one charge for this reboot.

I know who might be playing Sub-Zero, but don’t want to mention it in case it screws something up. He’d be perfect for the part.

Source: JoBlo

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