Cool Videos: Watch the evolution of film over 136 years in just 3 minutes

Very often we forget about the films of the past. Sure, we talk about STAR WARS and INDIANA JONES and other films from the last thirty to forty years, but you delve further back than that and you likely run into people who have seen less and less films from history. Cinema has existed since as far back as 1878, but just how many of us have a good knowledge of silent films, world cinema, or even just black and white flicks of the 1940s?

This tribute video was put together with love and care by Scott Ewing who chronicles the entire history of movies and how they have evolved since their inception. Now, before you start eye-rolling and telling me that could take forever, Ewing’s video cherry picks some highlights from each era to keep this supercut at a manageable three minute running time. Sure, some movies may be missing, but you get the general idea of how much the technology and abilities of filmmakers has grown over time. The results are pretty darn inspiring.

So, roll the clip below and see how many of these films you can recognize.

EVOLUTION of FILM from scott ewing on Vimeo.

Source: Vimeo

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