David Lynch to launch an online class on creativity and film

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

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While class isn't always something that you're concerned about being late for, you are definitely going to want to set a few alarm clocks for this one.

Acclaimed filmmaker David Lynch, the visionary behind such films as MULLHOLLAND DRIVE, DUNE, ERASEHEAD, BLUE VELVET, and many more, has announced that he's recorded a class on creativity and film for the MasterClass series. The 13-lesson package will include such subjects as Lynch's thoughts on "The Art of Life," in addition to rule-breaking, daydreaming for ideas, and transcendental meditation, as well as technical and practical filmmaking tips. Admission to Lynch's online class will run you $90 or $180 to gain access to every MasterClass series thus far. Other filmmakers and creatives included in the subscription include Timbaland, Spike Lee, Hans Zimmer, and Tom Morello.

If you're an up-and-coming filmmaker, or a cinephile who would delight in learning the tools of the trade from one of Hollywood's most notoriously twisted minds, be sure to register for Lynch's MasterClass presentation at MasterClass.com.

Here's the official pitch from MasterClass.com for Lynch's 13-part instruction:

An avant-garde figure in filmmaking, David Lynch introduced mainstream audiences to art-house films. Now the Oscar-nominated director of Mulholland Drive teaches his cross-disciplinary creative process. Learn how he catches ideas, translates them into a narrative, and moves beyond formulaic storytelling. Embrace the art life in David’s MasterClass and learn to test the boundaries of your own artistic expression in any medium.

Source: MasterClass

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