Wet Hot American Summer tabletop RPG on the way. For real.

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

So there's a Kickstarter going on right now to make a tabletop RPG based on the cult classic comedy WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER called WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER: FANTASY CAMP, a product that perfectly encapsulates the retro-vibe of the film. As someone who loves both the film and D&D, I approve.

Spearheaded by The Devastator, "America’s only all-humor press", the tabletop RPG will use 20-sided die and "includes three customizable story-paths: Save the Camp, Superstardom, and Bonfire Boinking. But even if you’re allergic to the idea of playing an RPG, you’ll want to read the rulebook, which was ‘written’ by The Indoor Kids in 1981."

Devastator co-founder Amanda Meadows had this to say about it:

You don’t have to be a crowned class B Dungeon Master to play this game…If you’re terrible at math, you’ll still enjoy the experience. My partner co-wrote this game and he’s absolutely terrible at math.

To which the other co-founder, Geoffrey Golden (who also wrote the game), responded:

She’s right. Damn you, Emerson College!

And, according to co-author of the game Lee Keeler, they pitched and got the backing of writer-director David Wain, adding: "Who wouldn’t want to play an RPG with drugs, sex, and talking vegetables?"

Meanwhile, if the Kickstarter gets fully funded, WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER: FANTASY CAMP "will be available to backers in November 2017. Talent from the WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER film are already backing the RPG, with a book forward from David Wain and “game tip” interviews with actors Michael Ian Black, Joe Lo Truglio, and Marguerite Moreau on how to kickass playing as their characters McKinley, Neil, and Katie. As campaign perks, backers can get the book as a digital download, or as a physical copy (some of which are autographed by the game’s creators). The Devastator will even mail you postcards from Camp Firewood or an actual bottle of dick cream. Backers will also have the chance to play the game early with the creators!"

You can also play as any of the counselors from the movie, or create your own (as well as even a mechanic to make your own camp), with quests ranging from hot dog eating contests to getting laid. Honestly, sounds like my average D&D session.

But what about you Schmoes? Any fan of the movie? And if so, you down for a tabletop RPG? Sound off below!

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