Deadeus is a new horror game made exclusively for Game Boy!

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Most people of a certain age have fond memories of the Nintendo Game Boy. I know I do! Whether it was being stuck on long trips, particularly brutal bathroom breaks, or just bored while my brother hogged the TV, the Game Boy was there for me. And it also had so many classic games, including POKEMON, SUPER MARIO LAND, THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: LINK'S AWAKENING, and MORTAL KOMBAT…which, actually MORTAL KOMBAT sucked ass on Game Boy, but it was still better than nothing!

Anyway, developer -IZMA- has created a Game Boy rom that you can download, and even play on a real Game Boy (and even Game Boy Advance as well)! Not only that, but it's a freaky horror game called DEADEUS. Here's the official description:

Deadeus is an authentic horror Gameboy game  developed using Chris Maltby’s GB Studio engine, Featuring music by Stuart Busby.

The game centers around a small boy who has a prophetic nightmare telling him everyone will die in 3 days and that he has to investigate his village to see how he can save them, if at all.

The game has 11 endings and no direct path leaving it up to the player to decide which is the best course of action.

The game comes as a ROM file, to play it you will need to download an emulator to your device. For PC users I recommend BGB Emulator and have included a config file in the folder for the best set up for the game. If you can run a GB/ GBC emulator on it you can run Deadeus on it, during development it has been played on a PC, Mac, PSVita, GB, GBC, Android and even a Nintendo Switch

The game is also playable on an original Gameboy using a flashcart or other emulation cartridge. 

Meanwhile, you can download it now for free RIGHT HERE, to play it on PC, Mac, PSVita, GB, GBC, Android and even a Nintendo Switch.

So what do you guys think? Are you down to play a Game Boy horror game? If so, are there any other you'd recommend? Either way, sound off below!


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