Deadpool educates Fred Savage on Nickelback in new Once Upon a Deadpool clip

Nickelback is an easy target to make fun of and put on a list of all things that are terrible – like pineapple on pizza or Christmas carolers. They’ve been a go-to for musical mockery for some time, and Fred Savage has no trouble giving them the business in ONCE UPON A DEADPOOL. But Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) is having none of it, and in the new trailer for the upcoming holiday treat, he educates Savage on why the Canadian rock group deserves none of the flack they get.


We’ve seen in the main trailer the part where Deadpool says he’s part of the Marvel family, with Savage reminding it’s “Marvel licensed by Fox,” equating it to The Beatles if they were produced by Nickelback. “It’s music, but it sucks,” he says. In this clip, Deadpool won’t hear it and starts listing off all reasons that prove why Nickelback doesn’t suck nearly as much as everyone says. They’ve sold 50 million albums across the world, have won and been nominated for tons of awards and are, of course, Canadian. Like a real Christmas miracle this seems to change Savage’s heart, and soon he and the Merc with a Mouth are jamming to “How You Remind Me,” one of the band’s most recognizable songs. You know you were singing along too. 

The clip comes before the release of ONCE UPON A DEADPOOL in theaters on Wednesday, which is a PG-13 cut of last summer’s DEADPOOL 2. For every ticket bought $1 goes to the charity F**k Cancer, which is now known as Fudge Cancer, for the sake of the PG-13 cut. See, Nickelback can’t be bad if they’re linked to something that’s helping the fight against cancer, can they?


Here’s the synopsis:

On December 12, Deadpool 2 is back in theaters with zero F’s given.

To kick off the holiday season audiences of almost all ages will soon be able to enjoy the Merc with the Mouth’s reimagining of Deadpool 2 filtered through the prism of childlike innocence.

“Fox has been asking for a PG-13 basically since the start in 2006,” Ryan Reynolds told Deadline. “I’ve said no since 2006. Now, this one time, I said ‘Yes’ on two conditions. First, a portion of the proceeds had to go to charity. Second, I wanted to kidnap Fred Savage. The second condition took some explaining…”

Fred Savage will join Reynolds in new scenes for ONCE UPON A DEADPOOL in an homage to Savage’s starring role in the 1987 bedtime-story classic THE PRINCESS BRIDE. Fred remarked, “while my participation in this film was anything but voluntary, I am happy to learn that Fudge Cancer will be the beneficiary of this shameless cash grab.”

Source: Ryan Reynolds, 20th Century Fox

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