Dexter prequel series has been ordered by Showtime

Showtime has ordered a prequel series that will tell the origin story of the “serial killer with a code”, Dexter

UPDATE: The prequel series will be titled Dexter: Origins, and it will see young Dexter Morgan at the outset of his transition into the avenging serial killer he would become. It will begin as Dexter graduates college to join Miami Metro, where he meets younger versions of many of the characters we came to know in the original Dexter.

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Last week, we heard that Showtime was considering ordering a prequel series to their popular show Dexter, which finished its eight season initial run back in 2013, then recently came back for a new season (called Dexter: New Blood) that appeared to wrap it up for good. Now Showtime has taken the prequel series a step beyond consideration – The Hollywood Reporter has broken the news that they have gone ahead and ordered the series.

Clyde Phillips, who served as showrunner on the first four seasons of Dexter and returned to the job for Dexter: New Blood, will be overseeing the Dexter franchise for the network. Yes, they’re talking franchise now. The prequel series isn’t the only Dexter-related project they expect to be working on in the near future. Other possibilities include “spinoffs that trace the back stories of some of the show’s most iconic characters. This includes John Lithgow’s memorable Trinity Killer.” Phillips has also made it clear that he’d be glad to work on a show called Harrison, following Dexter’s son.

The Dexter prequel will, of course, “tell the origin story” of the title character. Played by Michael C. Hall in the nine seasons of Dexter, he is “a serial killer with a code which directs his compulsions to kill only the guilty. As a blood spatter analyst for the Miami police, he has access to crime scenes, picking up clues and checking DNA to confirm a target’s guilt before he kills them.

The prequel series was ordered by Chris McCarthy, a former Paramount Global executive who joined Showtime last year. During his time at Paramount, McCarthy was credited with growing Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone franchise, so it makes sense he’s plotting franchises now that he’s at Showtime. Another Showtime series getting the franchise treatment under McCarthy is Billions, with possibly up to four shows connected to that one now being put into development. Including shows that would be called Millions and Trillions.

Are you glad to hear that the Dexter franchise is expanding, and that Clyde Phillips is sticking around to oversee it all? Share your thoughts on this prequel series news, and let us know what sort of Dexter spin-offs you would like to see, by leaving a comment below.


Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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