Diablo Cody has retired…from directing

Academy award winner Diablo Cody has retired from directing. Now, I know what you must be thinking: How on Earth did she win an Academy award? That's a topic great philosophers will be debating until the end of days, but for those of you wondering when she was going to direct another film, the answer is never. Ever. Again.

Cody made a name for herself whipping together some quick dialogue that some would argue feels a little unnatural to human ears, but she took the leap to writing AND directing for the 2013 picture, PARADISE. The film followed a young conservative woman who suffers a crisis of faith and decides to work out her issues in Las Vegas. PARADISE received some pretty poor reviews, and they may or may not have prompted Ms. Cody to say the following.

Diablo Cody on directing:

I am retired from directing. I don't think I possess the leadership qualities required to be a director.

Fair enough! It's hard to argue with a woman who knows her limitations, especially when you take into account that directors like Jason Reitman and Jonathan Demme are willing to work with her material. Then again, I'd argue that Cody DOES have the necessary skill involved to direct the upcoming BARBIE movie, of which she's writing the screenplay for. Like Sean Connery once said, "Never say never again!"

Is it still cool to hate on Diablo Cody? Have we reached indifference at this point?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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