Director Joe Lynch to serve up more horror with his next film, Taste

Last Updated on July 31, 2021

Ha! I've actually known this dude for a few years, now. Joe Lynch, director of such films as KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM, EVERLY, and the new MAYHEM thriller starring Stephen Yuen, is getting ready to serve up some more spine-tingling cinema with his next film, TASTE. David Cohen is set to write the film with Chase Hudson and Matthew Porter of the Penchant Entertainment production label set to produce.

TASTE will tell the tale of when a young chef-on-the-rise is invited to cook for a revered master’s private supper club. What at first seems like a career-launching opportunity soon turns deadly with the discovery that she and her husband are at risk of becoming dinner themselves.

In commenting about the opportunity to join the project, Lynch said, “I’ve been dying to direct something darker in the genre and when I read David’s script, which had a fantastic take on the current foodie/haute cuisine culture, I was pretty much salivating, pun intended. I’m thrilled to be working with Penchant to bring this fantastically twisted and exciting tale to life and make people rethink what’s for dinner." 

Good lord! What would you actually do if you'd discovered that you were mistakenly dining on human flesh? It's a given that you would do your damndest to huck it all up post-haste, but what of the after-effects? How would you move on? What would the therapy bills be like? I've heard tale that human flesh tastes like chicken, but ain't nobody gonna be chowing down on me like some piece of lean Kentucky Fried goodness!

TASTE is set to go into production in Los Angeles this Summer.

Source: Deadline Hollywood

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