Director of The Adjustment Bureau to collaborate with screenwriter of The Last Stand on sci-fi project

George Nolfi with AB camera

THE LAST STAND, written by one Andrew Knauer, is in theaters today.

And in a fun turn, the believers have been vindicated by solid reviews across the board for the action flick.  While every project changes once a director becomes involved, and the dynamism of Kim Jee-woon’s presence is not to be denied, plenty of praise has been direct Knauer’s way for a tight, exciting, well-balanced script.

Sot it’s no surprise really that Universal has picked up his next idea, attaching writer/director George Nolfi (THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU, finalist contender for CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER) to develop and co-write the idea alongside Knauer. Nolfi actually actively worked to collaborate with Knauer on THE LAST STAND as well, having read the scribe’s initial spec script and been duly impressed enough to reach out to Knauer of his own accord. 

Details of their next collaboration are being kept close to the vest, but we know that its genre is sci-fi and that THE LAST STAND is a good indicator of its potential quality.  Which bodes well indeed.

Jaimie Alexander

THE LAST STAND star Jaimie Alexander

Source: The Hollywood Reporter - Heat Vision

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