Disney reveals international roll-out details of Disney+ streaming service

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

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At long last, Disney has unveiled details behind the roll-out of their upcoming streaming service, Disney+, for Mouseketeers living outside of the United States of America.

It's been announced that the exclusive streaming platform will be going live day-and-date in certain territories alongside the U.S. Those areas of the world are Canada, the Netherlands, Australia, and New Zealand. As per today's report, Disney+ will launch in Canada and the Netherlands on November 12, the same day as the U.S. unveiling. Shortly thereafter, Australia and New Zealand will be granted access to the service on November 19.

In terms of pricing, the service will cost $8.99 a month in Canada, or $89.99 for the yearly package. In Holland, it will cost €6.99 per month or €69.99 per year. In Australia, the streaming service that comes chock full of Disney classics as well as brand-new shows and original features will run you $8.99 per month or $89.99 per year. Lastly, the platform will launch in New Zealand to the tune of NZ$9.99 or NZ$99.99 for the year.

Those looking to subscribe will be able to do so by going directly to Disney+ or via in-app purchases. There will also be a number of alternative ways to gain access to the service, including platforms like Apple, Google, Microsoft’s Xbox One, Sony via its Android TVs and the Playstation 4 and Roku.

For those of you who live outside of the above-mentioned territories, fear not, for Disney is expected to bring their streamer to other parts around the world as soon as negotiations are concluded.

In addition to being the home of several Marvel-related series, Disney+ will also act as your portal to such original programming as THE MANDALORIAN, the LADY AND THE TRAMP reboot, DIARY OF A FEMALE PRESIDENT, and much more. In fact, as a way of adding to the pile, Disney recently announced reboots of the HOME ALONE and NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM properties as well. It's also worth noting that bundle packages will also be made available, such as the $12.99 option, which grants you access to Hulu's basic on-demand tier and ESPN+.

As a permanent resident of Canada, I'm am stoked to hear that the Disney+ is destined to launch in the Great White North on the same day as the U.S. That way, my friends back in the states won't be able to hold all the new Marvel content over my head while I spend my time trying to dodge spoilers. Thanks, House of Mouse, you really know how to make us hosers feel included.

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Source: Deadline

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