Disney’s live-action Peter Pan finds its Peter & Wendy

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Disney's live-action PETER PAN adaptation, now given the new title PETER PAN & WENDY, has found its two leads. It has been announced that Ever Anderson and Alexander Molony will play, respectively, Wendy and Peter, in the new film.

Director David Lowery, who collaborated with Disney once before on 2016's live-action PETE'S DRAGON is taking the helm on this project and was actually signed on to direct a live-action retelling of the studio's animated PETER PAN before the release of PETE'S DRAGON but his attention shifted to other projects. Now that casting is underway, Lowery is now gearing up to begin shooting as soon as next month.

Ever Anderson made her screen debut playing a younger version of Alice, the character portrayed by Anderson's real-life mother Milla Jovovich, in 2017's RESIDENT EVIL: THE FINAL CHAPTER, and will similarly play a younger Natasha Romanoff in Marvel's BLACK WIDOW in May. As for Alexander Molony, he has previously worked on TV shows like the animated Claude and The Reluctant Landlord.

PETER PAN & WENDY was previously reported to be a Disney+ release but per "Variety" the intention is to now release the film theatrically. The reason for the switch is apparently due to the mid-budget constraints of a Disney+ production in comparison to a loftier budget for a major motion picture. That's not to say Lowery can't deliver on a mid-budget because PETE'S DRAGON was visually satisfying despite its modest $65 million budget. He has also shown off skill working with very little in films such as A GHOST STORY & THE OLD MAN AND THE GUN. He'll get to flex bigger budget sensibilitiessoon with the A24 release of THE GREEN KNIGHT.

I've accepted that Disney is probably going to do live-action remakes for its entire animated library so I'm not going to resist that this is happening. The big selling point is Lowery as director who is gradually becoming a director to watch. Are YOU all in for this live-action adaptation?

Source: Variety

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