Dr. Evil returns to dish on his recent firing from Trump’s White House

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Dr. Evil (Mike Myers) may be a spoof of the kinds of villains you’d see in old-school spy movies (Blofeld from the James Bond, especially), but he’s become a treasured movie villain in his own right. His evilness has been sorely missed over these many years, with the other evil people in the world now not having the same flair to them. Now you can rejoice because Dr. Evil came back for the first time in a long while as part of Jimmy Fallon’s monologue on the Tonight Show. Don’t worry, his evilness has not aged a single day – and he still has liquid hot MAG-MA on the brain.


Myer reprised Evil as a way of spoofing all the recent firings over in the Donald Trump White House, with the character saying he’s one of the folks whose been fired. After losing Secretary of Evil to Steve Bannon, he became more of an “ideas” guy, saying he wanted “The Wall” to be a moat filled with blowfish. He also plans to put out a tell-all book – “Fire and Fury and Also Evil” – and has announced his candidacy for president in 2020 with his running mate, Mark Zuckerberg.

Myer's has returned as Dr. Evil in the past for various sketches, like on SNL, but we haven't seen him or Austin Powers in a movie since 2002's GOLDMEMBER. There's been talk of a fourth movie for years and years, but's it's only ever been talk. We may never get another movie, but Myers will always be hysterical to watch in the random sketch with the character as he updates us on his latest work in evilness. 

Myers can be seen in the upcoming movie TERMINAL with Margot Robbie on May 11. 

Source: The Tonight Show

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