Ed Helms to star as a pimp in his upcoming Ben Stiller produced comedy

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

Even though Ed Helms’ first attempt at a starring role, CEDAR RAPIDS, didn’t go as well as everyone had planned, the “Office” star is still working on his leading man status. Up next? A remake of the popular French film LE MAC with Ben Stiller producing.

The 2010 French film follows an unassuming banker who leans he has a long-lost twin who’s a notorious gangster and pimp. The police recruit the banker to masquerade as his brother to help take his empire down. (Helms would obviously play both roles.) So basically think DAVE but with pimps and hoes.

in addition to starring, Helms would also produce with Stiller who recently produced 30 MINUTES OR LESS with Sony. So far the LE MAC remake isn’t set up at a studio but Johnny Rosenthal (BAD SANTA 2) is working on a script.

Despite the disappointment of CEDAR RAPIDS, Helms continues to work regularly with the “Office” returning this fall and the upcoming comedy JEFF WHO LIVES AT HOME alongside Jason Segel. He’s also one of the lead voices in Universal’s THE LORAX.

Source: Variety

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