Every House Is Haunted: Corin Hardy to direct, Sam Raimi producing

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Netflix has picked up the rights to Every House Is Haunted, a project set to be directed by The Nun's Corin Hardy and produced by genre icon Sam Raimi.

Inspired by the Ian Rogers short story The House on Ashley Avenue, Every House Is Haunted will tell the following story: 

An insurance investigator tries to debunk claims that a couple’s death was caused by a haunted house, but his doubts are challenged by a psychic and the mysterious occurrences he witnesses with his own eyes.

Jason Pagan and Andrew Deutschman wrote the screenplay. Raimi will be producing the film alongside Zainab Azizi for Raimi Productions and Vertigo Entertainment's Roy Lee. Andrew Childs of Vertigo serves as executive producer.

Raimi has a financing deal with Starlight, the company that optioned the short story collection (titled Every House Is Haunted) that The House on Ashley Avenue was part of. Copies of the collection can be purchased on Amazon.

Anything that Raimi is involved with has my attention, so I'll be keeping an eye on the progress of Every House Is Haunted.

Source: Deadline

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