We Talk Springsteen & Blinded by the Light with Gurinder Chadha & more!

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Music can be a powerful influence on us. It can bring us happiness, hope and even bring us to tears. It can also awaken something inside that you never knew was there. In the latest from BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM writer and director Gurinder Chadha, music is a massive part of her latest feature, BLINDED BY THE LIGHT. It’s based on the true story of a teenager living in London during the 80’s who begins to discover himself through the blue collar rock and roll of Bruce Springsteen. The film stars Viveik Kalra, who is fantastic as a young man trying to find his voice, while also struggling to deal with his parents, his classmates, and the challenges he faces on a daily basis. If you want a honest to goodness feel good movie this summer, you won’t lose with this.

Recently, we spoke to some of the fine people behind this uplifting musical journey. And frankly, it was absolutely wonderful to speak to both Gurinder Chadha and one of the film’s stars, Aaron Phagura. While Gurinder discussed what it was about this story that fascinated her, they both talked about The Boss himself and how his music connected to them. As well, we sat down with screenwriter and author of the book “Greetings from Bury Park,” Sarfraz Manzoor, the man who actually lived this amazing tale. He discussed his first introduction to Mr. Springsteen, and how his relationship has grown since the early days of discovering “Born in the USA.” This is a wonderful film that is well worth seeking out. If you love music and have a passion for inspiring stories, BLINDED BY THE LIGHT will give you everything you need. 

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