Exclusive: Catch up on our Cool Videos Oscar “Best Picture” Retrospectives!

This weekend the 87th Academy Awards will take place, adding a new Best Picture to the ranks and continuing the tradition of Hollywood awarding the films it finds to be best amongst its peers. Throughout the years we've seen some truly deserving films walk away with the prestige of the Best Picture trophy, while some sneak up and steal that shit out of thin air. This year we started a new Cool Videos series called the Oscar "Best Picture" Retrospective, which is taking a look at all the Best Picture nominees and winner from 1980 to present, including what we consider to be the major "snub" for that year. Debuting on a monthly basis, we're working our way up and have thus far covered 1980 – 1985. It's a lot of fun to revisit and see which films were duking it out for the win and, ultimately, which one took home the gold. So, before you settle in on Sunday to see which new film takes it's place in the annals of Oscar lore, take a retrospective journey of the awards from 1980 – 1985. More to follow from this series throughout the year, so keep your eyes peeled!







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