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In 2012, Gil Zabarsky and Chris Modoono debuted their narrative short TEACHER OF THE YEAR to audiences at the Tribeca Film Festival, which gained enough popularity to garner an option by Fox Digital Studio for a full-length feature. Now, both Zabarsky and Modoono have completed the film and are set to bring it back to where it all started, debuting again at the Tribeca Film Festival. The story finds Zabarsky playing a foul-mouthed elementary school teacher who hits rock bottom when his wife leaves him. Forced to run the school play as punishment for his diminishing performance, Zabarsky uses the venue as a means to vent his frustration, unfolding before everyone's eyes. Returning to the feature-length film is co-star Kathleen Littlefield with The Office's Kate Flannery taking over the assistant principal role.

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Here's the synopsis:

TENURED, written by Gil Zabarksy and Chris Modoono and directed by Modoono, tells the story of Ethan Collins, a severely depressed, foul-mouthed elementary school teacher whose wife's recent departure has left him questioning his life and teaching his students that "mommies are liars." When he is put in charge of the school play as punishment for his bad performance, Ethan rewrites the script to be about his marital problems and puts on an unforgettable show for the parents, school board, and his soon to be ex-wife.

I always enjoy the premise of a BAD TEACHER-esque comedy, as it's kind of fun to see those that are supposed to be guiding your education unravel. So often growing up you can feel like your teacher is unbreakable, always trying to hold it together in the face of the many challenges kids bring to them. Having a teacher lose it and show their true colors can be an even more eye-opening (and educational) experience altogether. TENURED looks like it captures that experience with a good balance of comedy and drama.

TENURED is opening at the Tribeca Film Festival which runs from April 15 – 26 in New York, NY. Get more info here.

Source: JoBlo.com, Fox Digital Studio

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