Exclusive: Mike Tyson on Public Disturbance, biopic, superheroes and clip!

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

As a kid watching sports, I would have never believed you if you told me that one day I’d be talking to the champ, Mike Tyson, on the phone, but sure enough that’s what happened just a few days ago. Tyson is out promoting his new movie, PUBLIC DISTURBANCE, which is the feature-debut for YouTube pranksters The Janoskians, consisting of Beau, Jai and Luke Brooks, plus Daniel Sahyounie. In it, the guys play pals who crash the party of a media mogul played by Tyson, who seems to be having fun continuing his resurgence, which started with THE HANGOVER, and has seen him turn up in mainly comic roles.

I asked Tyson if, considering his standout work in UNDISPUTED TRUTH, Spike Lee’s film of his one man show, drama would be something he’d be willing to try as opposed to comedy. “Absolutely, if a good one came up I’d love doing it.” That said, Tyson acknowledged that he loves acting in comedies, and was already familiar with the Janoksians before filming. He spends a lot of time on YouTube with his children, but that didn’t mean the boys tried to prank him on set, with them apparently having a great relationship with the former champ. “They were awesome kids,” he said, adding that despite being young, they all knew a lot about his boxing career.

Tyson’s been a busy man lately, revealing that he was at work on more “Mike Tyson Mysteries”, saying that he did a reading recently, while he’s also worked a lot in China – such as in CHINA SALESMAN. He mentioned that he likes working in China, and that the people there tend to recognize him well from his boxing days rather than films. He also looks back at his fight with Donnie Yen in IP MAN 3 fondly. “It was a great opportunity,” he said, adding, “I really enjoyed that fight scene.” Asked whether a future appearance in a superhero movie was a possibility, he said it would depend on the circumstances, but that if it happened he wants to play a villain. He also has a potential biopic in the works, with him saying Jamie Foxx is his choice to play the lead. “I’d want it to be a very dramatically true movie, and very explosive. Something like RAGING BULL.” Asked whether people are surprised that since THE HANGOVER he’s seemed so at ease in comedy, he says he always had a sense of humor. “In order to be the champ I had to be that person. But, to be who I am now I have to be this person.”

Check out an exlcusive clip from PUBLIC DISTURBANCE below, which is out on Digital and Demand August 28th.

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