Exclusive: Salma Hayek’s Everly alternate poster + special L.A. screening!

You may not think of Salma Hayek as a badass action star right off the bat, but director Joe Lynch's insanely crazy flick EVERLY just might change your mind. The film debuted in February, trumpeting a kind of KILL BILL vibe with its excessive action, brutality, and odd assortment of characters, making it a fun, bloody ride for those willing to take it. Today, we have an exclusive alternate poster for the film to share, which showcases the film's many attributes in artistic fashion, particularly Salma, the cast of wacky characters, and of course blood and bullets.

Check it out:

If you're in the L.A. area and want to check out a screening of the flick, Cinefamily is offering a midnight screening and Q&A with Director Joe Lynch and DP Steve Gainer at the Cinefamily Silent Theater on Saturday, March 28th. If you can't make it to that screening, no worries, you can check out EVERLY on VOD/iTunes now!

Source: JoBlo.com

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