First image from Spielberg’s The Post shows Hanks & Streep in the newsroom

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Steven Spielberg has been a fixture at the Oscars ever since JAWS earned a surprise nomination for Best Picture over 40 years ago, and his movies have been making waves there ever since. He will most likely have a strong presence there once again this year as he was able to crank out his latest drama, THE POST, just in time to qualify for awards. We hadn’t seen so much as a pic of the movie all summer, but now we have our first look at the Oscar-baiting drama with a first image.

Below you will see stars Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep and Bradley Whitford, who are only three names in the massive ensemble cast. With this first image means a trailer could be lurking around the corner, but for now, just click to embiggen and let the smell of gold wash over you.

The movie tells the true story how then-president Richard Nixon tried to stop the Washington Post from publishing the Pentagon Papers, a document that proved president Lyndon B. Johnson lied about going into Vietnam, and that Nixon covered up actions that made things worse. The story centers on Hanks as editor of the paper, Ben Bradlee, and Streep as the paper’s first female publisher, Kay Graham, and how the two came together to fight for their First Amendment right of freedom of speech in a landmark case for the freedom of the press.

The image isn't much, but it's just a taste of what we'll be getting in the coming weeks. Spielberg is still the master, with recent movies like LINCOLN and BRIDGE OF SPIES still scoring with critics and audiences, and THE POST will hopefully rise to the ranks of those tremendous films. This is surely one we here at JoBlo are eagerly awaiting, as is the world, because who on earth is not pumped for a Hanks/Streep/Spielberg combo?

THE POST with Hanks, Streep, Carrie Coon, Sarah PaulsonJesse PlemonsAlison BrieBradley WhitfordBob OdenkirkMatthew RhysMichael StuhlbargZach WoodsBruce Greenwood, and Tracy Letts arrives December 22.

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