First stills from paternity horror Virginia Obscura

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

Today we have a fresh batch of stills from Tony Osborne’s twisty giallo slasher VIRGINIA OBSCURA, a tale of dark secrets and unforgiven sins that we last told ya about HERE. You can check ’em out after the synopsis below:

Virginia’s embittered search to find her birth father takes a bloody turn…

Following a deathbed confession, where she learns the names of four
despicable men who took advantage of her mother at a drunken high
school party; Virginia hatches a Machiavellian scheme to expose the
truth and punish the past, by bringing together her potential fathers.
But this isn’t your typical family reunion.

Her hostages awaken, bound and hooded, to be confronted by a masked
knife-wielding tormentor who accuses them of being “deadbeats”,
stealing Mom’s innocence and abandoning the offspring of their one
night stand. While all four are guilty, only one can be the actual

Prior to this day of reckoning, Virginia surreptitiously collected
their dirty secrets and a sample of their DNA; the paternity test
results are on the way from a local lab. Yet, after dropping the
envelopes on the doorstep, the delivery guy suddenly becomes a
conflicted voyeur to the darkness within the farmhouse, peeping
through a pinhole torn in a papered-over window.

The twisted truth reveals itself in a blood-spattered showdown of DNA
results, revelations and revenge.

VIRGINIA OBSCURA stars Matt Mitler (THE MUTILATOR), Ken Abraham (CREEPOZOIDS), Linnea Quigley (RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD), Jessica Cameron (SILENT NIGHT) and Christopher Marrone (ABRAHAM LINCOLN vs ZOMBIES).

Source: Arrow In The Head

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