Dracula Face-Off: Christopher Lee Vs. Gary Oldman

Last Updated on August 3, 2021

The majority agreed with the Phantasmic outcome of our last Face-Off that Phantasm II deserved to top Phantasm. I’m glad that everyone also basically agreed that this is a very good horror series with balls. Alright, let’s move on.

Today’s Face-Off is here to suck your blood! With Hammer Studios opening The Quiet Ones this past weekend, the studio’s greatest icon, Count Dracula, was called to mind. He was played masterfully by Christopher Lee. This got us thinking of another great thespian who not long ago donned the fangs for a retelling of Bram Stoker’s tale: Mr. Gary Oldman! Hence, the blood-sucking battle you see below! Let’s get it on!

Vampire Look
Mr. Lee projects a nicely subtle look for his Drac, both young and old. He dons a dark and regal suit that ideally accentuates his tall, thin frame. I really like the less is more approach that he projects as well as the iconic black cape with red on the inside. This is vintage vampire and it’s a look that is timeless.
Oh man, is the old version of Mr. Oldman’s Dracula a hoot! The long red robe, the ridiculous double beehive of grey hair! He looks like some sort of demented drag queen priest. At least his younger Drac dressed it down a bit with the grey suit and matching top hat. I’m not really feeling the long, dark hair, but I suppose it works with what he’s got going on.
Lee’s Dracula knows how to handle the ladies and does so in a gentlemanly fashion. Well, at least as gentlemanly as an undead blood sucker can be. It’s all in the eyes. Those dark brown peepers sure are adept at luring in Lucy and any other potential female feasts. He also has a way of using his deep voice to call to women as they’re fast asleep in their beds.
He has crossed “oceans of time to be with you.” That is some suave, mutha-f*ckin shit! The Drac knows how to woo a woman. Lucy is utterly powerless within his passionate grasp. And damn, does he ever know how to kiss a lady, planting long and hard ones (hehe) on her lips whenever he has a chance.
Lee’s Drac welcomes guests to his castle quite openly. Hell, he even helps carry the luggage up to their rooms. Of course, he usually only brings in guests to serve his “thirsty” purposes, but that’s no reason to act uncouth. Everyone gets their own room with a big bed. However, he’s a bit against allowing any extra curricular activities with his trio of sexy vampire ho’s.
Despite his castle’s dank setting, Oldman’s Drac welcomes the likes of Keanu Reeves with open arms, providing him with top food and drink almost immediately. Even though the Count gets a little nutso with a sword at the dinner table, it’s more than made up for by his allowance of his vampire babes to get nekkid and frolic with young “Ted”. “Whoa” indeed!
Bite Technique
Again, Mr. Lee invokes the nature of a true gentleman in his fanged pursuits. First, he calls to the lucky lady in the middle of the night. Then, he patiently waits in some dark, romantic spot. Once the woman arrives, he nestles her close, and slowly goes in for the kill. It’s soft, quiet, and quite sensual.
Now, Oldman’s Drac gets down to business with his bite in a much more aggressive fashion. To sum it up, it’s kinda like rough sex. He completely ravages Lucy in his wolf form, first getting out her boobies and then aggressively going in for the chomp. Sure, Lucy doesn’t seem to mind, but to an outside party, it does not look fun.
Maybe it was because special affects were not that advanced when Mr. Lee played the Count, but he doesn’t have a very extensive range of powers that you’d expect from Drac. He is quite adept at disappearing whenever the time calls for it. And transforming into a bat is both fast and seamless. However, that is basically it in terms of unbelievable abilities.
Now, Oldman runs the gamut in terms of true power. He can appear as a mist, gliding his way secretly into anywhere. He can shape shift into a wolf. So, he’s both a vampire and and werewolf! He gets batty (and I don’t mean crazy), sets fire to crosses, and travels safely in dirt. Not to mention his great strength and ability to manipulate his shadow.
Gary Oldman
Well, this one was neck and neck (I apologize. I couldn’t resist). And I do believe that this Face-Off deserved to be close. Christopher Lee played Dracula nine times on film and there is no doubt that he made the role iconic. But Gary Oldman is such a master of his craft (when the f*ck will he win his Oscar?), that he undoubtedly had to go out with the win. I’m interested to hear what you think about this one. Please, stake some silver bullets below and state your opinion. And feel free to send any future Face-Off ideas to me at [email protected].

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