Full cast of Y: The Last Man revealed, includes Diane Lane & Barry Keoghan

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

I have to admit, there's a part of me that thought this day would never come. After what feels like forever since the idea of adapting writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Pia Guerra's classic Vertigo comic book series, Y: THE LAST MAN, was floated by the powers that be, a full cast list for FX's presentation of the iconic story has been revealed. It is my distinct pleasure to share with you that Diane Lane (THE OUTSIDERS, JUSTICE LEAGUE), Barry Keoghan (DUNKIRK), Imogen Poots (I KILL GIANTS), Lashana Lynch (CAPTAIN MARVEL), Juliana Canfield (SUCCESSION) and Marin Ireland (HELL OR HIGH WATER) will star in Michael Green's adaptation of the critically-acclaimed apocalyptic saga.

Y: THE LAST MAN tells the epic tale of Yorick Brown – the only human survivor of a planet-wide plague that instantly kills every mammal possessing a Y chromosome who searches the world for his lost love and the answer to why he’s the last man on earth. Throughout the titles 60-issue run, Yorick travels with his Capuchin monkey, Ampersand, across a shattered world now ruled by a band of women looking to re-write history for the survival of their species.

According to THR,  Lane will play Senator Jennifer Brown, a junior senator in her first term who has already made a name for herself in political circles for her willingness to put personal ideals above politics, she is also the mother of Yorick and Hero Brown.

Meanwhile, Keoghan has been cast in the role of Yorick, a young man who is quick to use humor to deflect from his problems who may be the lone male survivor of a worldwide plague.

Poots will play Hero Brown, a tough and confident EMT who nurses a deep emotional trauma that often leads her to cross personal and professional lines.

Lynch will portray Agent 355, a Secret Service agent who performs the duties of her job with the utmost professionalism — even under the most unexpected circumstances.

Canfield will assume the role of Beth, a Brooklyn-based knife maker who grew up on a farm and went to New York to experience the big city. She finds something endearing about the hapless Yorick and when they're together, there's the undeniable spark of two kids in love.

Lastly, Ireland will complete the cast as Nora, the president's senior assistant and right hand. She effortlessly balances family life with a job navigating the corridors of power.

Serving as showrunners and executive producers for the adaptation are Michael Green (AMERICAN GODS, BLADE RUNNER 2049) and Aida Mashaka Croal (LUKE CAGE). Nina Jacobson and Brad Simpson of Color Force and Vaughan will executive produce and help develop the series as well. Helming the pilot will be Melina Matsoukas, who has served as a contributing director for Aziz Ansari's MASTER OF NONE in addition to shooting Beyonce's Formation.

Are you excited about how this series is shaping up? Personally, I never would have thought of Keoghan as the man to play Yorick, though I look forward to seeing what he can bring to the character. For me, Y: THE LAST MAN is Vaughan's best work outside of his ongoing Image Comics epic SAGA with artist Fiona Staples. Yorick's story has the potential to hit real big with audiences, particularly during a time where the #MeToo movement sees women rising up to destroy archaic and destructive societal norms. We'll be sure to bring you more news about Y: THE LAST MAN as it develops. 

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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