Full Moon launches new production label Pulp Noir with a slate of ten films

Full Moon is launching a new production label called Pulp Noir with a line-up of ten movies that will be filmed this year

Charles Band’s company Full Moon has been delivering wild, crazy, entertaining films for almost thirty-five years now – and on the latest episode of his YouTube series Full Moon Universe, Band has revealed that 2024 is going to be another big year for them, as they’re launching a new production label called Pulp Noir with a slate of ten films. The plan being that all ten of those movies are going to be filmed by the end of this year.

Here’s how Band explained it: “I’ve been thinking recently about how to create a new brand of movies. Movies that are still deep in the sci-fi, fantasy, mainly horror sub-genre, and do it differently than what we’ve been doing with Full Moon. So I thought it was time to make a series of features that would be darker, edgier. (There are) a lot of concepts I’ve wanted to make over the years that now, with help from some of the new technology, AI, there are things we can do that we were not able to do and worlds we can go into. For instance, back in the ‘90s I made a few movies, one of them was called Meridian. Today you would call that a paranormal romance, and Meridian is one of those films that has really stood the test of time. People loved it. Some of those kind of movies, no one can find anymore, no one’s really making them, aside from the real shocking, bloody, crazy twisted films, which we actually have not been making for many years here at Full Moon. Probably the only movie I’ve made in in recent memory that fits into that category is Castle Freak and Castle Freak is one of the better films, I know people enjoy watching it. So I wanted to come up with a sub-label that would feature movies like that again; a harder, edgier slate of films. The title Pulp Noir kind of sums it all up. Then it was time to go through all the hundreds of ideas that I’ve worked on for years that haven’t been made and select ten that would represent this new sort of sub-genre of filmmaking.

Pulp Noir’s first slate of films consists of: Quadrant, Death Streamer, Subscriber, Subhuman, Bad CGI Werewolves! (sort of a companion piece to Full Moon’s recent release Bad CGI Gator), Zombie Hotel, Surprise Party, the paranormal romance The Lost Girl’s Private Diary, Svengali 2024, and Hourglass. Concept art for all of these films can be seen in the Full Moon Universe video embedded below.

The first Pulp Noir movie will go into production later this month, with others following basically at a “one a month” pace through the rest of 2024. To help ensure these productions will go smoothly, Full Moon has also set up a Patreon account where fans can subscribe and show their support for the company. There are multiple tiers to choose from, with incentives including access to new episodes of Band’s podcast Full Moon Freakshow, Blu-rays, Tiny Terror action figures, a subscription to Delirium magazine, a shirt, a hoodie, etc. Fans who subscribe to the highest tier will also receive an executive producer credit on Pulp Noir movies during their subscription.

I’ve been a fan of Full Moon since I was a kid, so I’m always excited to see new projects coming from the company. Pulp Noir sounds like a lot of fun to me.

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