FX announces Time Travelin’ Jerk animated comedy series with Billy Eichner

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

Billy Eichner is no stranger to the world of animation. In the past, he's lent his unique vocal stylings to animated films and shows the likes of BOB'S BURGERS, ANGRY BIRDS and the PENGUINS OF MADAGASCAR. His is a voice that often finds the PARKS AND RECREATION alum sounding as if he's tightly wound, and could snap at any moment, should he be provoked. In the past, I've found that Eichner's often shrill cadence is perfect for when he's surprising people with rapid-fire trivia for his BILLY ON THE STREET series, and now, FX is looking to place the darkly-humored comedian front-and-center for an upcoming animated series.

Hold onto your butts for TIME TRAVELIN' JERK, an animated comedy series co-written and executive produced by Billy Eichner who also will voice a lead character. Joining Eichner for the upcoming animated project are two prime members of his BILLY ON THE STREET series, Doug Brady and Anna Wenger.

Created and co-written by Brady alongside Eichner and Wenger, TIME TRAVELIN' JERK is based on a story born from Brady's own twisted imagination. The animation is being described as BACK TO THE FUTURE meets GROUNDHOG DAY with a female lead. It tells the story of Ashley, a hilariously irreverent, whip-smart millennial girl, who gets stuck time traveling and absolutely hates it … but tries to make the most of it along the way.

Eichner will provide the voice of a main character on the show named Parker, an awkwardly sweet accountant who becomes Ashley’s time traveling partner in crime. The announcement for TIME TRAVELIN' JERK comes a few months after FX passed on bringing Donald Glover's animated version of Marvel's DEADPOOL to their network. In recent times, Eichner has appeared on FX's AMERICAN HORROR STORY in addition to the shows DIFFICULT PEOPLE and FRIENDS FROM COLLEGE.

So, what do you think? Is TIME TRAVELIN' JERK the next RICK AND MORTY? Who should be cast opposite Eichner as the female lead of the show? Let us know your casting suggestiong in the comments section below.

Source: Deadline Hollywood

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