Get out your coat hangers, Birdemic 3 is on the way muthaf*ckas!

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Man, BIRDEMIC: SHOCK AND TERROR is one of my all-time favorite bad movies. It probably tops even THE ROOM for me (and that's saying a lot). From the terrible, creepy romance between a Victoria Secret model (who got her gig from doing photos at a Rite-Aid) and her stalker; to the wooden "acting" of lead Alan Bagh, who has to be a faulty android trying to mimic human emotions (it's the only thing that makes sense); to the CGI birds that look GIFS on a GeoCities site circa 1995; to this f*cking scene:

It's amazing. I've seen it over thirty times.

Well, self-proclaimed "visionary" director James Nguyen (who's also a self-proclaimed "Master of Romantic Thrillers") has a new BIRDEMIC film on the way called BIRDEMIC: SEA EAGLE, looking for funding on IndieGoGo. Actually, this will be his third BIRDEMIC film. The second film, BIRDEMIC: THE RESURRECTION, came out three years ago, and was a weird spoof about Hollywood and self-expression or some shit. Unfortunately, the second movie was trying to be bad on purpose, and went against the sincerity that made the first film so enjoyable. Hopefully the third film will be more earnest.

So what's the synopsis for the new film? Well, I'll let Jame Nguyen explain it in his own words:

"A flock of sea eagles attack the coastal town of Santa Cruz, California.  Why did the birds attacked?  Who will survive?" 

Brilliant. I want to know why did the birds attacked as well.

No release date for BIRDEMIC: SEA EAGLE, obviously, but I'm hoping Nguyen makes his goal just so I can see what other bat-shit ideas come out of his mind. Anyone else excited? And what's your guys' favorite bad movie?

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