Get ready to learn more about The Secret Life of Pets in summer 2018

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

the secret life of pets

Family fare is big business at the box office these days, so, if a studio can find a property that the general public enjoys, you know what is happening next to capitalize on that fresh revenue stream…


And that's where we're heading with THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS, which just nailed down a summer 2018 release date, thanks to Universal's happiness with those $400 million and counting in paid receipts. Illumination Entertainment is giving them exactly what they wanted, which is another animated franchise to follow in the footsteps of all things DESPICABLE ME. 

Chris Renaud will be back to direct, once again working with Brian Lynch who will handle the script. As for what the movie will be about… who knows this early in the game? 

But you should know it'll be ready by July 13, 2018.


Source: Universal Pictures

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