Guillermo del Toro teases upcoming 4K releases of Cronos, Mimic, Blade II, Crimson Peak

A selection of Guillermo del Toro films, including Cronos, Blade II and Mimic, will be getting the 4K treatment.

Last Updated on April 5, 2024

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4K is about to get a lot darker, as director Guillermo del Toro teased over the weekend that four more of his films will be hitting the format within “the next year or so”. They are: his 1993 debut Cronos, 1997 follow-up Mimic, 2002’s Hellboy, and 2015’s Crimson Peak, which is one of del Toro’s most visually striking features.

In an X post from yesterday, Guillermo del Toro wrote, “4 new 4K transfers coming up:  CRIMSON PEAK, then CRONOS, BLADE II and finally MIMIC all in the next year or so.  I am done with the color timing of 3 out of the 4.” Note that these releases will not be coming out simultaneously or in chronological order.

No doubt that these works from Guillermo del Toro will benefit from the 4K format, as the man has one of the most unique eyes in film right now. That this collection will be going back to his feature-length origins will also be a perk for fans and collectors. This quartet of films will also ensure that every one of del Toro’s features so far has been released on 4K, joining The Devil’s Backbone, Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth, Hellboy II, Pacific Rim, The Shape of Water, Nightmare Alley, and Pinocchio, which The Criterion Collection released last year as spine #1,201.

But before we go celebrating too much, we should all be aware that just because a movie comes to 4K doesn’t mean it will be the perfect copy, no matter who the director is. After all, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the waves of James Cameron 4Ks, with criticism targeting the use of artificial intelligence to clean up the image and the removal of film grain, thus deleting a key quality of the work.

Even still, we do have high hopes for these del Toro 4K releases and have faith that his hands-on approach will maintain the integrity of his style.

Which of these Guillermo del Toro films are you most looking forward to seeing on 4K? Will you be picking up the entire lot? Let us know below!

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