Halloween Ends: Jamie Lee Curtis showed off super violent, gory trailer at CinemaCon

Our own Chris Bumbray is attending CinemaCon in Las Vegas, and tonight he was lucky enough to witness the first screening of footage from director David Gordon Green’s upcoming Halloween sequel Halloween Ends! Specifically, he got to see the first trailer for the movie. Jamie Lee Curtis was at the convention to present the trailer… and had to mock chastise the audience for not giving her a standing ovation when she took the stage. She said, “C’mon guys, it’s only been 44 f*cking years!” Bumbray said she was hilarious and really knew how to work the room.

Curtis also confirmed that Halloween Ends marks the end of her time playing Laurie Strode because “Mommy’s tired.” But she promised that Laurie’s last confrontation with masked slasher Michael Myers is going to “mess you up”. She said that Laurie Strode has been the most important relationship of her professional life, and that she never understood the appeal of horror until she read an article that said “horror lets us confront things we can’t control”.

Bumbray reports that the trailer for Halloween Ends started with

footage from the first Halloween, recapping Laurie’s relationship with Myers, segueing to her in Halloween 2018. It cuts back and forth between footage from the first Halloween and the goriest parts of the new movies, ending with new footage of Laurie hiding from Michael in a closet, but then surprising him with a knife and the two have a super violent, gory scrap. Very, very cool.

Green, who was also at the helm of Halloween 2018 and Halloween Kills, directed Halloween Ends from a screenplay he wrote with Danny McBride, Paul Brad Logan, and Chris Bernier. He has confirmed that the events of this sequel take place four years after the ending of Halloween Kills, and also said,

There’s not a lot of games in it, there’s not a lot of wittiness and retro joy. It’s kind of a coming-of-age film, and it’s a very different tone. And that’s what excited me about it, is to have the three chapters that I’ve been involved in be very different from each other.”

Curtis is joined in the cast by Andi Matichak as Laurie’s granddaughter Allyson, Kyle Richards as Lindsey Wallace, and Michael O’Leary as Doctor Mathis. James Jude Courtney reprises the role of Michael Myers, and original Michael Myers performer Nick Castle makes a cameo.

Halloween Ends is scheduled to reach theatres on October 14, 2022. Are you looking forward to the movie? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Source: Arrow in the Head

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