Hanks to team with Zemeckis & Game of Thrones director for sci-fi film Bios

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Tom Hanks is easily the most beloved man on earth, so who better than him to be in a movie where his character teaches a robot all about the human experience, including how to love? That’s what the people behind the movie BIOS felt, and have cast Hanks in the post-apocalyptic drama, which is set to be produced by his FOREST GUMP and CAST AWAY director, Robert Zemeckis.

Variety announced that Hanks will star in the movie written by Craig Luck and Ivor Powell about a robot who lives in a post-apocalyptic earth and was built by his dying creator (Hanks) to take care of his dog. As time goes on the bot begins to learn about “love, friendship and the meaning of human life.” Zemeckis and Kevin Misher are producing, while the movie will be directed by GAME OF THRONES helmer Miguel Sapochnik who won an Emmy last year for directing the episode “Battle of the Bastards.”

The movie’s script has been making the rounds around Hollywood and has become quite the hot property, and Amblin is apparently the frontrunner to nab the film, even though Legendary and Warner Bros. are said to still be in the mix. Once picked up, the plan is to start filming in early 2018 when Hank’s schedule is cleared up. He will next be in Steven Spielberg’s THE POST, which is set for this December and is expected to be a major awards contender.

This isn’t normally the kind of story you expect to come attached to the “post-apocalyptic” label, with people normally imagining hot teens running around trying to kill other hot teens. But this sounds more like a BLACK MIRROR episode, which is a good thing, and will be a low-key entry in the sci-fi genre, and sounds like a wonderful story. Hanks is great in everything, so I already buy him as the shepherd of this young robot’s journey to understand human compassion. Just pop in TOY STORY, and boom, movie over.

Source: Variety

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