HBO series The Brink starring Jack Black and Tim Robbins hits this summer

Last Updated on August 2, 2021


You may recall a show by the name of The Brink that was set to star Jack Black and Tim Robbins on HBO. It's been some time since we've received news about it but rest assured it's coming, and it's been announced that it's coming this summer. The 10-episode political satire will also star Pablo Schreiber (The Wire) and follow three individuals as they attempt to navigate through a geopolitical crisis and avoid World War III.

Here's the official synopsis:

When a rogue general seizes control of Pakistan and its nuclear arsenal, the fate of the world rests on the shoulders of three improbable Americans: Secretary of State Walter Larson (Robbins), lowly Foreign Service officer Alex Talbot (Black) and ace Navy fighter pilot Zeke Tilson (Schreiber). From the turbulent streets of the Middle East, to the White House Situation Room, to an aircraft carrier on the Red Sea, these three compromised souls must pull through the chaos around them to save the planet from World War Three.

Both Black and Robbins have been out of the spotlight for a little while now, so any return (small screen or no) is a welcome one as far as I'm concerned. HBO has garnered some success in the arena of satire with shows like Veep, so I'm curious to see how well they'll be able to pull this off given the subject matter. An exact date hasn't been listed, but now that we know when Game of Thrones returns, I'm sure that show will suffice for the time being!

The Brink will hit HBO sometime this Summer.

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