Heretic: Hugh Grant to star in A24 horror film from A Quiet Place writers

Hugh Grant is in talks to star in Heretic, an A24 horror film from the writing/directing duo of Scott Beck and Bryan Woods

65, the “Adam Driver vs. dinosaurs” movie from the writing and directing duo of Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, didn’t have great success at the box office, but Beck and Woods aren’t letting that disappointment slow them down. They’re about to go into production on a new horror project called Heretic, which is set up at A24 – and The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Hugh Grant is in talks to star in the film!

Beck and Woods have written the script for the film. Details are scarce, but apparently the story has something to do with two missionaries that attempt to convert a dangerous man. There’s no word on who Grant would be playing this scenario, but it would be very cool to see him take on the role of the dangerous man. He has previously said that he finds villain roles to be “more fun” to play.

A24 is aiming to get Heretic into production next month. Apparently the writers strike isn’t causing any trouble for this project, but SAG-AFTRA members voted in favor of their own strike a couple days ago. SAG-AFTRA’s TV and theatrical contracts expire on June 30th, so if they do end up striking, there’s no way Heretic is going to be able to start filming in July. Here’s hoping they’ll be able to get satisfactory new contracts in place before the deadline.

In addition to 65, Beck and Woods’ previous credits include A Quiet Place (they wrote the original screenplay), Haunt (writers/directors), Nightlight (writers/directors), Spread (writers/directors), and an episode of 50 States of Fright (writers/directors). The Boogeyman, a Stephen King adaptation that Beck and Woods receive writing credits on (alongside Mark Heyman) is currently in theatres.

Are you a fan of Beck and Woods’ collaborations? What do you think of them teaming up with A24 and Hugh Grant for Heretic? Share your thoughts on this one by leaving a comment below.

The fact that Beck and Woods are making Heretic was already enough to get me interested in the project, and hearing that Grant is in talks to star has boosted my interest even higher.

Hugh Grant

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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