Kevin Costner’s Horizon: An American Saga: Chapter 2 is no longer coming to theaters in August after the first film failed to draw crowds

Horizon: An American Saga – Chapter 2 is losing its theatrical release date after the first chapter’s failed launch at the summer box office.

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Kevin Costner’s Horizon: An American Saga—Chapter 2 will no longer be released in theaters on August 16. After a dismal opening for Horizon: An American Saga – Chapter 1 earlier this month, the sequel’s fate remains in limbo. This unfortunate news delivers a harsh blow to the adult-focused film market, particularly for audience demos in the 50+ range. Horizon: An American Saga – Chapter 1 continues to screen in theaters, though a July 16 digital release date for the film is already on the horizon.

There are no plans to port Horizon: An American Saga—Chapter 2 to Max, and theatrical plans for the film’s release remain uncertain. Whispers around the Hollywood water cooler say Chapter 2 could get a day-and-date release in theaters and on digital, but nothing is concrete. Unsubstantiated reports say the movie is getting pulled outright, but that claim has no validity. It sounds like madness, but theaters could have been a poor choice of venue for Horizon: An American Saga – Chapter 1. While the film’s epic scope plays well on the silver screen, much of Costner’s Yellowstone audience is comfortable watching the actor do his thing on television. Going to the movies is hella expensive nowadays, and folks might not want to pay high-end prices to see a multi-part Western in cinemas.

It’s also a possibility that some Yellowstone fans feel betrayed by Costner’s abrupt exit from Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone. Costner’s absence from the fan-favorite program created chaos on the set, delaying the release of a new season (now the final season) and changing the story’s trajectory. It’s not impossible to think Costner’s falling out affected audiences, leaving them with a sour taste in their mouths and unwilling to hop along to his latest project. It’s a bit of a stretch, I’ll give you that, but if the entertainment industry has taught me anything, it’s that fans will often protest when expectations become altered.

However, the loss of a theatrical release date for Horizon: An American Saga – Chapter 2 could be as simple as the first film’s underperformance scaring away the option to continue with the original release plan.

What do you think about Horizon: An American Saga – Chapter 2 losing its theatrical release date? Should the saga get a Max release in the future? Did you see Chapter 1 in theaters? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Deadline

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