3D adaptation of Peter Straub's Shadowland in the works?

According to its official site, PFG Entertainment is prepping a feature film version of Peter Straub's 1980 novel SHADOWLAND. Of course, the plan is to make it in 3D. (It should be added that, as this comes from the company's site, any notions of it being a done deal should be put aside for the time being. Regard it as a "plan".)

The story concerns two young boys, Tom Flanagan and Del Nightingale, who spend a summer with Del's uncle Coleman, who is one of the foremost magicians in the world. As time passes, however, Tom begins to suspect that what Coleman is teaching is not a series of harmless tricks, but is in fact real sorcery.

Erik Canuel (MATTHEW BLACKHEART: MONSTER SMASHER; CADAVERS) is apparently in line to direct, from a script by Larry Leahy (CONFESSIONS OF A HITMAN). No start date is known as of yet.

Extra Tidbit: Anyone out there a Peter Straub fan? It's an obvious thought, but his writing always struck me as Stephen King Lite.



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