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Twin Peaks

We don't have information on a premiere date yet, but every passing day brings us closer to the "sometime between April and June 2017" period when the revival of the David Lynch / Mark Frost series Twin Peaks is expected to start airing on Showtime. It's obvious that it's drawing near, because Showtime has started releasing teasers and giving us peeks behind the scenes. Last month, we got a short video about composer Angelo Badalamenti's work on the show, and now it's time to hear from the actors.

In a newly released video, cast members Kyle MacLachlan, Miguel Ferrer, Kimmy Robertson, Harry Goaz, Dana Ashbrook, and James Marshall, each of whom played a role in Twin Peaks' original 1990 - '91 run, discuss what it was like to hear that the show was coming back and the experience of returning to Twin Peaks. The revival's new cast members Jim Belushi, Amy Shiels, Robert Knepper, and Chrysta Bell also chime in.

Widely considered one of the most groundbreaking and influential broadcast series of all time, TWIN PEAKS followed the inhabitants of a quaint northwestern town who were stunned after their homecoming queen Laura Palmer was shockingly murdered. The town's sheriff welcomed the help of FBI agent Dale Cooper, who came to town to investigate the case. As Cooper conducted his search for Laura's killer, the town's secrets were gradually exposed. The mystery that ensued set off an eerie chain of events that plunged the inhabitants of Twin Peaks into a darker examination of their very existence. Twenty-five years later, the story continues...

This entire season of Twin Peaks was written by Lynch and Frost, with Lynch directing every episode.

The story that brings us back to that town is being kept secret, but Ferrer hints that it's "a big story, big things happen".

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