Adaptation of old school video game Zombies Ate My Neighbors on the way?!

Before LEFT 4 DEAD, DEAD RISING and CALL OF DUTY's Nazi Zombies there was ZOMBIES ATE MY NEIGHBORS! If you remember the old-generation video game systems Sega and Super Nintendo then chances are you remember ZOMBIES ATE MY NEIGHBORS.

Now that we're all caught up and we're done with our trip down memory lane allow me to blow your mind - According to FirstShowing.net there is actually a big screen adaptation of the old school video game in the works. .... Seriously?? That's awesome!

Not only is there a flick in the works based on the 1993 video game but apparently this thing is cruising right along! There's already a script completed by John Darko, who's producing alongside April Wade and Ahmed al Baker. Currently the project is searching for financiers and I get the feeling they're going to find some - soon!

It happened one typical night in suburbia: two best friends amongst a sea of teenage angst battle for safety against the mysterious uprising of neighborhood zombies.

While that's the simple plot for the game apparently the film will be its own coming-of-age high school story, while borrowing a bit from the video game of course. For example you can bet 'Zeke' and 'Julie' will be front and center! Natch!

I don't know about the rest of you but I'm stoked about this news! The potential here is huge! You can bet we'll be keeping a close eye on this one so be sure to check back soon for updates!

Zombies can be sexy too, right?
Extra Tidbit: What's your favortie zombie themed video game?
Source: First Showing



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