Adrienne Barbeau joins Jeepers Creepers 3!

We gave you guys the news earlier this week that JEEPERS CREEPERS 3 had officially begun filming. Today we are here to bring you the news that a very special genre favorite scream queen has joined the cast.

Cinema Runner was able to get their hands on the casting list for the upcoming Victor Salva creature-feature and among the names we already recognized, such as Gina Philips (back as Trish Jenner) was none other than John Carptenter's ex-wife, and all around genre queen, Adrienne Barbeau!

That's right Adrienne Barbeau will be beating the Creepers ass all over Baton Rouge, Louisiana (where the production is currently underway). Barbeau is know for such genre entries as THE FOG, ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, SWAMP THING, 

I personally will always know her as Billy from CREEPSHOW. Classic role. That and she is always in those behind-the-scenes docs. No matter what the film and what size of a role she had, Adrienne is always ready and willing (it seems) to sit down and talk about the films. Gotta love and respect that!

By the way, Adrienne will be playing a character named ‘Gaylen Brandon’. You may remember that name from a previous plot synopsis.

Twenty three years ago Gaylen’s son Kenny Brandon was one of the Creeper’s victims. Leaving in this shattered woman a burning vendetta. When her long dead son starts to appear to her with warnings about the creature who killed him – Gaylen plots to use the information to end the creature once and for all.

Boom. Adrienne will be kicking Creeper ass for sure!

Now I wonder if we'll be getting news soon that Ray Wise will be back for a second go around with the Creeper. In which case it'd be all but a given that the two genre legends would end up walking off into the sunset together. Please, make it so, Salva.

As always we'll let you know when we hear any further JEEPERS CREEPERS 3 news.

Extra Tidbit: Adrienne Barbeau voiced the computer in THE THING.
Source: Cinema Runner



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