AMC's streaming service Shudder to provide screams on demand 24/7

AMC Networks have created Shudder, a new streaming service solely dedicated to the horror genre. The service is currently in an invite-only beta testing stage, which gives consumers the chance to try it out for two months free of charge. To receive an invite, you need to sign up at the Shudder website.

Once Shudder comes out of beta, the service will be available for a monthly charge of $4.99, or $49.99 for a year.

Here's the official description:

Shudder is the diabolical new streaming service devoted exclusively to things that go bump in the night. On Shudder, you'll discover a growing, ghoulish library of horror films from around the world and across the decades. Curated by horror aficionados with a deep love and respect for the many peculiar varieties and genres of horror, Shudder Collections present films you never knew existed along with old favorites that never fail to frighten.

Shudder has something for everyone, from the casual fan to the hardcore horror devotee. Whether you’re looking for a classic suspense film, a cat-and-mouse thriller, a good old fashioned monster movie, terrifying tale of the supernatural, or a bloody giallo masterpiece, you’ll always find something to scare you in a new way at Shudder.

In addition to being able to pick and choose which movies you want to watch and when, you'll also be able to tune into a pre-programmed feed called Shudder.tv.

Shudder is currently only streaming on web browsers, but apps for iOs, Android, and Roku are forthcoming.

This sounds awesome to me. The more ways people have to get their horror fix, the better.

Extra Tidbit: How does Shudder sound to you?
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