"American Horror Story" creator Ryan Murphy drops details regarding Season 2

Now I've yet to see a single episode of Ryan Murphy's "American Horror Story" but that's not to say I'm not planning to. I've heard amazing things about the series and will definitely be tapping this shite sooner rather than later.

But unlike myself there's a good amount of you out there that did watch the first season, and in doing so are probably foaming at the mouth in anticipation of Season 2. Well folks, today we've got creator Ryan Murphy dropping more details about the show's sophomore season over at TV Line! Check it:

“I don’t want to say what Zach and Lily are doing, or what anybody else is doing, until we get closer to [fall]. But I’ll continue to say that everybody is playing the opposite of what they played last year, which I think is why they’re all so into it. Like, I have talked to Zach and Jessica and they were very excited… and that’s a rare thing.

Knowing me [Evan Peters] will be the anti-hero. It won’t be what you expect.”

Works for me! What we do know about Season 2 is that it will take place in an East Coast mental hospital with Jessica Lange playing the institution's head. Zachary Quinto, Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, Lily Rabe, Adam Levine, Lizzie Brochere, Chloe Sevigny (below) and James Cromwell will all be starring in the second season with returning cast members set to tackle brand new roles. Interesting.

Oh and it seems a brand new teaser poster for Season 2 just dropped! Check that shite out below.

We'll of course be bringing you any other "American Horror Story" updates that come our way right up until the premiere of Season 2.

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Source: TVLine



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