Anne Rice wants to know who you think should play the new Lestat

The last we heard on Anne Rice's new go at THE VAMPIRE CHRONICLES was when she shared some story details and her dream casting - check out those bits RIGHT HERE. But that was way back in November and since then all has been (mostly) quiet on the Lestat and Co. front.

However, that doesn't mean Rice is lying down on the job. The best-selling author recently took to her Facebook to invite fans - including yourself - to join in on who should play the new vampire Lestat.

Here is her post:

Anne here: Guys, we talk a lot about who can play Lestat. And we all know that if we don't get that right, nothing else may matter. This is one series in which the star plays a superhero role. I am thinking an unknown will come to us for the part. But who are the up and coming young actors you all see and want to suggest? Include pix if you can. And any data. I love reading your responses. And yes, we've done this before with less focus perhaps on "up and coming." But let's do it again.

So there you go, Anne Rice herself is asking YOU who you think should play the role made "movie-famous" by Tom Cruise. Now, let's get down to it. Who would you choose to play Lestat in the upcoming reboot of THE VAMPIRE CHRONICLES?

And, please, do not say yourself. Please. Modesty is a virtue.

You can find the link to Anne Rice's Facebook below and cast your vote, and after that makes sure to head on over to AITH social media and let US know who you think should don the fashionable-fangs this time around on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram!

Cast your vote on Facebook RIGHT HERE!

Extra Tidbit: No, not you, Stuart Townsend.
Source: Facebook



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