• Theatrical - Wide 1999-02-09

By night, vampires rise from loamy graves in search of human prey. By day, vampire slayer Jack Crow (James Woods) leads a contingent of Vatican mercenaries in a long-waged war against these enemies.

After destroying a vampire nest in rural New Mexico, ‘Team Crow’ is savagely ambushed during the victory celebration by the unholy Valek (Thomas Ian Griffith), a vicious 600-year-old vampire. Valek is nearing the end of a long search for the elusive Berziers Cross, the implement of ritual that can give him and all vampires succeeding him omnipotent power to walk in the daylight.

With most of his team massacred, and accompanied only by a young priest (Tim Guinee), the sole surviving member of his team, Montoya (Daniel Baldwin), and Katrina (Sheryl Lee), a prostitute bitten by Valek who has yet to ‘change over,’ Crow pursues Valek through the high deserts, culminating in a fateful confrontation between faith and immortality…

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Review Date: Director: John Carpenter Writer: Don Jakoby Producers: Sandy King Actors: James Woods Daniel Baldwin Sheryl Lee Thomas Ian…

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